Separating wet and dry zones in bathrooms

Kingham is a innovative and creative enterprise that integrates development, production, sales, design and application of new materials and products in home building materials industry. Kingham attaches great importance to efficient space and achieves the coexistence of artistic beauty and practicality. Separating wet and dry zones in bathrooms has become a popular design concept, which maximums the efficiency of bathroom.

So what is wet and dry separation?

In a bathroom, the wet zone is the area where the water-based activities take place. This is usually where your shower or bathtub is. The dry zone is the more commonly-used area of bathroom, which contains vanity and toilet. It is important to separate these areas if you want to maintain your bathroom.

For larger bathroom, you can install half-walls to separate wet and dry zones. The half-wall prevents water from splashing around your bathroom. Just make sure to design it in a way that doesn’t obstruct how much natural light both areas receive. The wall shouldn’t make your bathroom look cramped as well.

For smaller bathrooms, there are other ways to cleanly separate dry and wet areas. Installing enclosed glass showers is a stylish way to separate the bathroom. Glass also prevents natural light from reaching your bathroom. Shower curtains can also be used. Unlike glass shower doors, they can bring more visual texture to your bathroom while still serving as a good partition between wet and dry areas.

Check this bathroom design by Kingham. The concept of separating dry and wet zones is used. It separates the vanity, toilet and shower, which improves security and easily keeps bathroom clean and tidy.

The backsplashes of vanity and smart mirror are decorated with Kingham carrara white small square mosaic tiles, which brings meticulous decoration and elegant taste.

The combination of pink and white in shower room makes the bathroom reveal sweetness. Matched with hexagon mosaic tiles, different colors and shapes collide to a fresh and elegant taste.

The floor are decorated with carrara white penny round mosaic tiles, plus black mosaic as embellishments, which is not only anti-slippery, but also fashionable, smartly sprinkling and producing artistic life tastes.

If you want to decorate your house, hotel or office, just choose Kingham. We provide both customized design and products. We are committed to satisfying what customers need. Contact us via or whatsapp: +8618929952829.

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