200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile

200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile marsterly adopts the nature design style. Through approriate collocation, builds a dimensional and moving space appearance, which cheering up a dull room. This Nordic type of tile has become popular in home decoration.


1. Product Introduction of the 200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile

200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile is designed from life and nature. Green plant gives a Nordic style, simple and comfortable living space. It will take you into the natural world, when your home is decorated with this green plant tile. The tiles creates a warm and comfortable home atmosphere and harmonizes indoor color.

Kingham is the leading manufacturer and exporter of building materials, especially in porcelain art tiles, flower tiles, mosaic tiles. The tiles feature high quality, durable, good acid and akali resistance. Kingham offers OEM/ODM service, welcome your customization and Kingham will provide you with satisfactory products and service, bringing you a comfortable and fashionable home.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the 200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile

Product name 200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile
Brand Kingham
Material Porcelain
Surface treatment Glazed
Size 200mmx230mm
Pattern Hexagon
Applications External Wall, Interior Wall, backsplashes, Fireplace
Application scenario Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital
Design style modern
Water Absorption Zero
Acid & Alkali Resistance Very Strong
Color Lasting Never Fade Off
Project solving ability Graphic design, 3D model design, Whole house design
After-sales service Online technical support, on-site training


3. Product Feature And Application of the 200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile

1) Good acid and alkali resistant, heat insulation, non-slip, good stain resistant.


2) Square shape is easy for installation, saving time and effort.


3) Nordic decoration style is becoming popular and green plant design tile offers chic style to your space.


4. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the 200×230 Hexagon Flower Rustic Tile

1) Packing: standard export carton

2) Sample available for small amount

3) Delivery Method: by sea, by air, by truck

4) Payment term: T/T

5) Service:

  1. Customized, design for your space
  2. Installation guidance


5. FAQ

Q: Are you source factory?


Each category of Kingham’s products has processing plants in Foshan or nearby, guaranteed quality , provided high-quality service , and the price is very reasonable.



Q: I don’t know how to design my room. Can you provide design services?


Providing design solutions for the whole house is exactly the service tenet of Kingham. Save your time and solve technical problems for customers.



Q: I also need other decorations for my bathroom or other room. I like products from China. Can you provide purchases?


We are happy to provide you with procurement services, and will provide market research reports based on your selected products or provide you with the most cost-effective products for you to choose.


Q: What payment term do you prefer?

We prefer T/T, 30% deposit and 70% in advance of shipment.


Q: Can I understand the quality and material of the product more intuitively through the connection video?


It’s also the approach we advocate. Customers only need to make an appointment one day in advance, and Kingham will arrange the video conference.


Welcome your more questions, and you can contact us by emailing us on info@cnkingham.com or call us on +8618929952829 (Whatsapp available).


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