New products series

Kingham just launched a new product series of electroplated metal glazed tiles, which will give you a big surprise.

The tile has the features:

  • Prevent slippery and wear-resisting;
  • Electroplating process, high temperature firing, natural color, good glossiness, fade resistance;
  • Electroplating metal surface makes the tile diffuse reflection of light, leading to reducing light pollution;
  • Electroplated ceramics, metal texture, simple fashion, highlight grade;
  • Super suitable for art wall, Internet-famous shop, commercial place, bar and restaurant.

Please kindly look at the following electroplated metal glazed tiles with various color.

If you want to know more details of these tiles, please do not hesitate to email us on or Whatsapp +8618929952829. Also, we will update the product details on the website, please keep focusing on us.

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