New products of full-slate cabinet for kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen is one of the most important space in people’s life. Kitchen panel is a kind of a style but a kind of connotation more, which reflects masters’ life style.

However, limited to the performance shortcomings of natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, and backward supporting services, the application and service mode of traditional kitchen plate has been unable to meet the needs of people’s material and spiritual life.

So, people turned their attention to the popular slab material. Thanks to its superior characteristics, excellent touch and long-term material quality assurance, natural slabs get rid of traditional white steel, quartz stone, natural stone countertop common significant defects and become high-end cabinet countertop design “new favorite”.

The surface of slate countertop:
The texture is clear, layered. There is a certain brightness, color with subtle changes in light and shade, so it looks very high, giving a person a noble, elegant feeling.
The characteristics of slate:
They are the product of nature, non-toxic, pollution-free, with strong hardness and not easy to crack traces.
The performance of the slate countertops:
Tt has strong performance. Slate countertops are very durable, high temperature resistant and low water absorption, making them ideal for a kitchen environment.
Slate countertops are really attractive, especially those who like to cook in the kitchen. With such slate cabinet, the kitchen not only becomes advanced, but also enhances the desire to cook delicious food in the kitchen!
Let me introduce our Kingham custom full slate kitchen cabinet.

1. Intelligent cleaning

  • Supporting sink, rotating pull type coldhot water faucet, 360 degree all-round cleaning.
  • Wash vegetables easily without bending over.
  • Rotary controlled launching; Good sealing and no peculiar smell

2. Capacious countertops

  • Capacious area for aprentise and condiments.
  • Large area for operation and cooking.
  • Intelligent table, can be customized into press type control, knob, a key lifting, rotation.
  • Scientific customization height, no need to and tiptoe and bend.

3. Storage

Pull basket to receive and to avoid hand cannot reach inside.

4. Household appliance

  • One cabinet to the top function high cabinet.
  • Steam and bake integrated stove, range hood, gas range, disinfection cabinet, water heater, oven, steam box, integrated sink, integrated sink dishwasher, audio and video equipment support.
  • Built-in disinfection cabinet/oven/dishwasher, beautiful and space saving.

5. Slate material

Scratch resistance, super durable, easy to clean, heat resistance, safe to use, low water absorption.

6. Waterproof system

  • Integrated table weather bar, so that the water can be seamless seepage.
  • Rear baffle table to prevent water from infiltrating into the wall and from dampness and mildew.
  • Sealing sink for waterproof splash to affect the cabinet life.
  • Upgrade plank: using mature edge sealing technology and hot melt edge sealing process is not easy to be out of shape and heat resistance, no smell, scratch resistance.

7. Professional design team

Kingham always provide custom service.

The process is:

Measurement and scene picture by customer→draft from designer→ communication and modification between customer and designer→confirmation of the design and payment→production→delivery

8. After-sale service

We provide installation instruction and 1 year warranty.

If you want to know more details of these cabinets, please do not hesitate to email us on or Whatsapp +8618929952829. Also, we will update the product details on the website, please keep focusing on us.

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