Sintering Technology of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic tiles glow in the swimming pool, science and technology museum, theater, television tower, kindergarten, playground (terrorist house), flower-stand waterside pavilion, a castle in the courtyard, temple garden temple island, bathroom furniture, disco dance halls, skating rink, bars, clubs, etc., especially when the surrounding environment is dark at night and in the application of indoor wall and floor.

The firing technology of glass Mosaic has melting law and sintering law. Melting method is quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda, colorant and emulsifier as the main raw materials, after high temperature melting with axial calendering or plane calendering molding, and finally annealing. Sintering method is made of waste glass, adhesive and other materials by pressing, drying, sintering and annealing processes.

Sintering production process of glass Mosaic, glass silica (chemical composition) and chemical pigments (according to finished goods color), through mechanical grinding into powder, and then get into the right amount of binder, oxide, through a certain specification of die casting mould into the massive raw billet, the assembly line to a high temperature resistant TaoCiZhi plate is not easy to distort, again into the furnace by the high temperature (850℃) sintered forming, and then through the flow line and air cooling, collected at the end of the production line to the semi-finished product warehouse, and then through mechanical and manual selection of qualified products placed on a certain size and specification of the mold, after the front side of kraft paper or back net, drying, packaging into products.


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