Production of Hexagon mosaic tiles

An American customer just placed an order for hexagon mosaic tiles, including black glossy surface and Carrara matte surface. Please kindly see below pictures, the factory are producing hexagon mosaic tiles with well-ordered production process and strict quality control. Production is strictly in accordance with customer requirements.

Hexagon mosaic tiles is the most classic geometry style and widely used in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, wall, floor and countertop. The combination of hexagon shape and Carrara texture make any space look new and fashionable, enhancing your space.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Classic and fashionable
  • Mesh backing, easy for packaging, carrying and installation.

Adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, Kingham attentively creates a living space beyond imagination. Through modern design, the vision of urban light luxury lifestyle is created, presenting concise modern sense, exquisite life quality and diversified light luxury in the whole space.

Kingham pursues simple design and keeps abandoning unnecessary decoration in the design process, so as to create a comfortable home.
Kingham always provide customers with custom service, including not only material, size, color, surface, but also design. Bringing you a comfortable home is the philosophy that Kingham has always adhered to.

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