How to install glass mosaic tiles?

Glass mosaic tiles has strong decorative effect, rich material and can be used flexibly. When decorating interior space, glass mosaic tiles can be used not only as decorative material for ornament materials, but also in large area application. You can use the gradient way of mosaic colors and various geometric arrangements, both bring you impact and aesthetic feeling with its rich design.

1. Prepare your wall

On your wall, ensure that any rough or uneven areas of plaster have been filled in and sanded down to create a smooth, level surface before cleaning with a mix of TSP and water and allowing it to fully dry before applying your adhesive. Painted or smooth surface should be roughed. When comes to the surface where base material is loose but with strong water absorption or difficult to clean thoroughly, the interface treatment can be applied first, which contributes to installing mosaic tiles.

2. Pre-installation

Before installation, it should be pre-paved according to the construction installation drawing. Ensure that the mosaics are in harmony with the actual dimensions of the mounting surface on site.

If there is a gap in the middle part of the Mosaic joint, the glue and gauze on both sides of the joint should be cut off and cleared, so that the gap at the joint is normally coordinated so far. Make an auxiliary line or mark on the mounting surface to ensure the exact position of each piece of Mosaic tiles.

3. Installation

1) Apply the adhesive evenly on the base with a 2-3mm notched trowel. The thickness should be 3-5mm.

2) Place a single sheet of mosaic tiles on the binder according to the drawing. The gap between the two sheets should usually be roughly the same as the gap between the small grains on each piece.

3) Lay flat planks on the mosaic tiles surface and tap them evenly with a rubber mallet to make sure sticking firmly together. If encountering mosaic exigent or bottom, unplug the grain with reduce or increase the adhesive to make level.

When installing wall, it should be coated bottom up in principle and don’t cover too high one time to prevent falling off caused by heavy weight. Use auxiliary support to make it close to the wall, with a certain initial strength can take off the support. When used in swimming pool, pay attention to waterproof and crack prevention treatment and it is recommended to use special adhesive and caulking agent with good waterproof performance.

4. Seam filling 

1) After moisture is dried moderately and has initial hardness, clean the mosaic surface with sponge or soft cloth, then reoccupy clean and dry cloth to wipe, and fill seam.

2) Use a wooden or rubber trowel to fill gaps.

3) After filling, start to clean, which should be cleaned until the caulking agent is about 1mm below the mosaic surface, and then clean the surface again with dry and soft cloth.

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