How can Kingham make changes in the face of pandemic?

Since 2022, the outbreak of COVID-19 has had a major impact on the global economy. Some factories have directly closed down, the supply chain cannot keep up, raw materials are in short supply, products are in shortage, sea freight increases, ports are blocked, all of which have a significant impact on import and export, and also affect people’s lives.

In this period, how can Kingham make change to overcome.

1. Workers

Workers are the essence of production. Kingham family actively respond to the country’s epidemic prevention, do a good job of personal protection.

2. Raw material

Kingham guarantees the adequate supply of raw material to ensure the normal delivery.

3. Product efficiency

Under circumstance of large orders and insufficient production capacity, we introduced more advanced production equipment, improve and optimize production process and increase raw material inventory to improve our production efficiency so as to timely deliver goods to customers.

4. Innovate

The pandemic has affected people to go back to work and many work at home. In this regard, people have higher pursuit for more comfortable and beautiful environment. So our product development team are studying and developing more in line with the latest needs to meet people.

5. Product

In order to provide customers with a comprehensive home life experience and meet buyers’ demands in many aspects, in addition to innovative styles on the basis of the original products, we have added new production lines: kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, faucets and shower head. Match our previous products: mosaic tiles, tiles, bathtubs and floor drains. To provide customers with one-stop comprehensive building materials products services. Save customers’ purchasing time.

The kitchen and bath cabinet are made of slab, easy to clean and dualable. It is not easily moldy. Slab cabinet has been an essential part of kitchen and bathroom nowadays. Look at the following picture for our latest cabinet.

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