Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our company, our products, or our policies? We’re always happy to help! Our team can be contacted monday – friday, 9am – 6pm pacific standard time. In case you need help outside of those hours or you just want to check, don’t miss some of the most frequently asked questions about kingham below! If your question wasn’t answered, don’t hesitate to call, email, or jump on our web chat!

If you're online-only, how do i see your products in person?

We understand you can only gauge so much from pictures – and that monitor settings can affect the color that you see online. You can order tile samples of all of our designs to show the material, color, and finish in person.

If you’d like to see a larger section, you can always order a sheet, piece, or box of tile to see the full pattern or amount of variation. We also offer lot photos upon request. Our team will send a picture of the current lot of the tile that is ready to ship – you can see a full sheet or pieces side by side to see the natural level of variance and color in the design.

Where are you located? Do you have multiple locations?

We are in california! We offer all our products through our online store, so no matter where you are, you can access the beautiful designs we carry!

No matter where you live, you can use our five-star customer service and world-class products and services.

Currently developing markets in europe, south america, africa, and other asian countries, and resume local warehouses.

We export mosaics, wash basins, bathroom, cabinets, smart homes, etc. To all over the world. You will find the best product selection, price and customer service in our online store!

What should i do if i’m having trouble installing a product? 

You have the installation template and instructions that came with the product. If you still encounter problems, please call whatsapp 86-18929952829 for further assistance.