Foshan Kingham Smart Home Co., Ltd

Foshan Kingham Smart Home Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter who is engaged in development, production, sales, design and application of all kinds of building materials, including mosaic tiles, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, vanities, bathtubs, smart mirrors, floor drains and faucets. Kingham has more than twenty years’ experience in this industry.

The factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which enjoys a good reputation of “China Building Ceramic Capital”, “Chinese Furniture Business Capital” and “China Aluminum City”. Relying on the resource advantage of advanced and complete industry chain, Kingham has cultivated and accumulated a group of excellent talents who are full of infinite vitality and creativity in the development, design and application of home building products. Additionally, Kingham has three production bases, most of its business for customized products, providing customers with high quality products and services.

Kingham’s goal:

Kingham creates humanized an personalized products with high-quality raw material and unique superb technology.

Kingham’s vision:

Kingham adheres to quality, people-oriented, service-oriented, innovation and development of the business philosophy, sincere serve to the global market and customers. In order to meet customers’ demands, Kingham can customize products according to the samples and design provided by customers.


CEO's vision

Mr. Tang, Kingham’s CEO, has 20 years of experience in the building materials industry. From having more than a dozen production plants to the current integrated service, Achieve overtaking in a curve. Become the most comprehensive service business.

Cooperation support

Providing free samples to the designer is just the beginning. Designers tell us the needs of customers, so we can fastly provide customers with satifactory products.

Excellent service

We are committed to providing customers with a full range of services, such as all items needed for the entire bathroom, saving your time and material costs.


Free design

A professional team will create a whole house design plan for you, which means size, material,color, quantity, design, packaging solution, etc.It will depend on your requirements to achieve professional integration.

Product style

Kingham is honored to provide free samples, especially design companies or designers. As long as companies or individuals want to cooperate with Kingham, in addition to local sales, Kingham will provide all-round other support.

Fast delivery

Urgent orders are shipped first. Almost all products are in stock in the US warehouse and will be shipped to you within 5-10 days. The delivery time for mass production is dependent on the order.


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