How to choose high-quality mosaic tiles?

1. Hardness

When choosing mosaic tiles, attention should be paid to the hardness of mosaic tiles. Both hardness and toughness should be good. In this way, it will not be easily broken and crack after tiling.

2. Surface and glazed surface

Mosaic tiles are popular for indoor or outdoor space basically because of its good decorative effect, that is, the glaze. The quality of glaze is critical. Hence, it is the key to know how to check glaze quality including pinhole, spot, chromatic variance and texture.

Basically, pay attention to seeing whether there are color sot, bubble, pinhole, crack, scratch, short of edge and angle on the surface. Also, you should notice the omission from polishing and grinding.

3. Color

The popularity of mosaic tiles is also owing to the combination of textured pattern and color. After identifying the quality, surface checking is the indispensable step. The surface color should be completely consistent and texture pattern should be clear.

4. Slip resistance

Slip resistance is also essential to ensure safety, especially mosaic tiles for floor decoration. If handing on the surface of mosaic tiles and it is slippery, it will cause slipping and knocking and other safety hazards. When watering in the mosaic tiles surface, slower skid performance is better.

6. Water absorption

Water absorption is the key index that determines the quality of mosaic tiles. It is the ratio that points to weight of tiles itself and the weight after absorbing sufficient water, which reflects the absorption and permeability of tiles to water.

To a great extent, water absorption has influence on hardness, intensity and wear-resistance. Lower water absorption, higher hardness, stability and better abrasion resistance.

Mosaic glass tile is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform a space with various shapes and colors. But choosing good quality mosaic products is the key point. You could always count on Kingham and we are committed to providing customers with full professional service, including quality, designers and guidance to install mosaic tiles by your own. Welcome to cooperate with you!

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